We like to think out of the box. We take it as a fact, that a pneumatic tent is well working, fulfilling the purpose of its use. But we constantly ask purselves what could we make better. Therefore, besides to the technical improvements of AXION products, we are working on material part too.

A never ending issue is a back color of tent canopy and side walls. Using dye sublimation printing, dark printed canopy can be in a contrast with its white back. Some customers do not wish to have their tent white from inside, pushing than to use an ancient method of screen printing on original colored fabric. As the screen printing is not scratch resistant, we rather invested to the development of new fabric with black back. Now after black sublimation printing, both sides of fabric can be black.

Most of events takes place in a summer. Side walls of tents are providing big surface for advertising, but staff standing inside of the tent is sweating, oftenly removing the walls. A way how to be able to survive inside and still keep the promotion on its place is using perforated walls. Light knitted perforated polyester, normally used for sport dresses or barrier banners is an easy solution. Besides to this advantage there is one more. Thanks to the perforation and its natural ability to pass the air through, it helps big tents to survive strong wind without necessity to detach side walls.